"When the beasts managed to sneak through UNE defenses and cull Earth, Werner and his fleet were docked nearby at the naval yard in the system Jumia for repair. He quickly readied his fleet and jumped to Sol to assist in it's defense. Goodman's fleet arrived at a pivotal moment and destroyed the bulk of the Unbidden's fleet."

Welcome Commander! This wiki is dedicated to the new mobile game Stellaris: Galaxy Command. Announced on October 15th 2019, Stellaris: Galaxy Command is inspired by the grand strategy, 4X game Stellaris.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is set after The Culling, a war between monstrous inter dimensional beasts and all sentient life in the galaxy. With the terrifying threat defeated and Earth destroyed, the Galactic Reformation Bill has been passed to reclaim the galaxy and ensure the hellish beasts never return!

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